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Old-school news Two mysteries of Infernal Machine... revealed at last!
Posted by The Tingler on Monday 9th May 2011

Hold on to your hats boys and girls, because they just might be blown off. As any regular long-term readers of Mojo will know, one of my favourite LucasArts games is Indiana Jones and Infernal Machine. I've spent many happy hours playing that game, and I'd thought I'd uncovered all its secrets. Apparently not!

One of the things that always bugged me was the identity of this little boy wearing an Indy hat in the minecart switching hut. Well, out of the blue today I received an email from Paul LeFevre, who worked at LucasArts from 1992-2000 (the wonder years) and was Lead Programmer on Infernal Machine. This is what he said:

On this page I noticed the "Indy loves the kids" entry -- but you didn't know who the kid was. That's my son, who I snuck into the game, when he was 3 years old (he's now 14!). Just thought I'd fill in one of your blank spots :)
Hooray, mystery solved at long last! But wait, there's more:

Incidentally, my wife is also in the game. She's Filipino, and doing the Palawan level (in the Philippines) was my idea. Inside one of the caves, there's an image on a wall of her as a "Filipina Princess" hidden away, but nobody seems to have found that easter egg (or at least commented on it). Oh, well :)
There's a secret in that game that we didn't know about?! Apparently so. At least one person seems to have found it inadvertantly. In the Palawan Volcano level, behind the huge gong in the lava/statue/Russians room there's a block you can push. Push it to the end and you'll find some treasure... but if you push the bare bit of wall opposite you can find the "Filipino Princess"!

Incidentally, in the N64 version of the game (which was found first) there's a Trivia page now!

General Indy news Double Fan Game Updates!
Posted by The Tingler on Monday 3rd January 2011

Yes, we're still here. It's been a long time since we've had any Indiana Jones news at all, let alone Indy gaming news! Fortunately that ends right now, as fans once again show that if the people in charge don't care, just bloody do it yourself!

First off is Screen 7 and Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth, who are promising an exciting year - hopefully culminating in a release! Their new year surprise is a revised demo, featuring an updated game engine and a small Easter Egg. Let's just say it involves a mysterious ring and someone who might know about it! They're also promising something new, entitled Indiana Jones and the Valley of the Kings. Let's hope for great things, since the demo is more impressive than even Fate of Atlantis!

The second fan project is Binary Legends with Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold, who have just released their first demo!

We wish both projects luck, and we can only hope that LucasArts are inspired by their efforts that they stop f***ing around and give us some Indiana Jones news from them too. If not, I think these two are enough to get excited about for now!

For more information, visit our Fan Games page!

General Indy news Updates!
Posted by The Tingler on Monday 17th May 2010

Yes, we're still here! There hasn't been much in the way of Indy gaming news, although I'm predicting (re: hoping/praying) that LucasArts will be revealing a new Indiana Jones game at E3 next month... possibly even an adventure game. The Indy adventures are the only Indy games on Steam and they've done very well, the appearance of FOA in SOK was highly praised, and the various Monkey Island releases have been doing well for them. So it is possible!

As for, we've got a few updates. First of all our Contact page now actually works, so if you want to chat or have some news to share, you can actually get in touch now! Hooray!

Second, our Fan Games page has a couple of interesting new additions in the form of Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold and a graphic adventure remake of Indiana Jones and the Revenge of the Ancients.

Third, both our Lego Indy pages now have a link to the helpful walkthrough site Brick Raiders. Lego Indy 2 is still ongoing, but the Lego Indy 1 walkthrough is very thorough and impressive. There's loads on the site and loads more incoming, so if you enjoyed the Lego Indy games it's well worth checking out.

Finally, speaking of Lego Indy 2, our review is still coming soon. Hey, I've been busy! Hopefully not much longer now... cross fingers.

Lego Indy news A long time to wait
Posted by The Tingler on Friday 19th February 2010

At long bloody last, Lego Indiana Jones II: The Adventure Continues is now available on Steam and Direct2Drive for the reasonable sum of £19.95/$29.99.

Go buy! Y'know, if you haven't got it already. This also means that at last can actually buy the damn thing, so expect a review soon... at last!!

Old-school news An army that carries this arcade before it is invincible
Posted by The Tingler on Monday 4th January 2010

Ever heard of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom arcade game? It was converted to various home systems in various crappy forms, but the arcade was always the best to look at and play. Want a look?

And in other incredibly old-school Indy gaming news, ever wanted to play the very first Raiders of the Lost Ark game but were put off by the dawn-of-gaming graphics? Well, try this remake then!

Lego Indy news New Year Updates!
Posted by The Tingler on Friday 1st January 2010

Happy New Year everyone! We've got a few new site updates for you here at!

First of all we've got a couple of new pages for Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. Our long-overdue proper Information page has replaced the decrepit old Facts & Rumours page for the game, and we now have a Reviews page at last! Not got our own review yet (it'll be here... sometime), but browse a good selection of choice tasty morsels to digest. Oh, and speaking of Reviews, the one for Staff of Kings has also had a long overdue update. Not just Wii reviews now, you can also find PSP, PS2 and DS reviews in there too.

So, what does 2010 hold for Indy? Well, apart from Further Adventures Volume 3 coming out March 24th not much so far. I'm willing to bet that a new game announcement from LucasArts will be incoming though, and perhaps even an official confirmation of Indy V too. Trust me!

General Indy news Greatest Adventures reviewed... elsewhere
Posted by The Tingler on Monday 28th December 2009

Yes yes, updates are coming, keep your shirt on! Meanwhile, check out this review of Indy's Greatest Adventures on Virtual Console by Jason of our hosts at MixNMojo (he beat me to it, honest)!

And in sale-grabbing news, if you're reading this before January 3rd if you haven't done so already make sure you pick up the LucasArts Adventure Pack on Steam. This contains Fate of Atlantis, Last Crusade, Loom and The Dig (from an idea by Steven Spielberg, don't you know) for a pathetically low £1.74/$2.49. Seriously, even if you own up to two of those games it's still worth it - they've never been that price individually before, let alone together!

And finally, in other news LucasArts have announced The Force Unleashed II. So, um... got an Indy game in there anywhere guys?

Lego Indy news Always knew one day you'd come bricking it through my door
Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 17th November 2009

Yes, yes, I know it's been a while! Been busy y'know! In fact I'm once again in the Mysterious East (well, China) so that's why updates have been a bit sporadic, although if a certain game mentioned below is downloadable I plan to give you the review. Anyway, yes, let's catch up on the big releases:

  • Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, aka Lego Indy 2: Indy IV and a few other bits is now in US stores, with the UK and other countries joining in the fun this Friday. Hope to have a review soon. For now, here's one at GameTrailers.

  • Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (yes, we have a page on that too, look!) is now available on Wii via their lovely Virtual Console. Here's hoping the N64 version of Infernal Machine comes next! Hope to have a review soon.

  • Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead, the new original Indy novel by Steve Perry, is available now from bookshops. Here's a review now: it's good. It's not very globe-trotting, merely a wander through a jungle in fact, and there's a lot of mystical stuff in it, but I enjoyed it.

  • Indiana Jones: The Further Adventures Volume 2 is available now too.

    Indy releases seem a bit thin on the ground in the coming months barring the next volume of the Further Adventures in March, but I'm sure more will be coming to Steam at least in the next few months... and I'm prepared to bet LucasArts have something next-gen planned for our favourite behatted archaeologist.

    Fate of Atlantis news Not Got Indy? Get The LucasArts Adventure Pack!
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 18th September 2009

    Yes, I know it's been a full month since I last updated, but there ain't been much in the way of Indy gaming news really. Lego Indy 2's still on course for a Fall/Autumn release but nothing more concrete than that.

    However, if by some astonishing chance you haven't yet got either Last Crusade or Fate of Atlantis already, LucasArts have introduced the Adventure Pack on Steam. For little more than the price of both Indy games you'll also get The Dig (which was based on an idea by Steven Spielberg and nearly made by him as a film) and Loom (which was just plain great) in the bargain.

    In other words, go get! Y'know, if not getted already.

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings Original Soundtrack Now Up!
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 18th August 2009

    Thanks to Gordy Haab, Ray Harman and LucasArts who have very kindly put up some of their contributions to the original score for Indiana Jones and Staff of Kings on their websites, we're now in the position to put up a Music page for the game!

    And we have done! The Original Score in chronological order is now available complete at! We've even got a cover for you, thanks to Chris.Jones and Hanselation over at's forum and their nice spin on the game's front cover art. Aren't we nice?

    Staff of Kings news Prepare To Cry
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 5th August 2009

    So, do you want to see how Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings was looking on 360/PS3 before it got cancelled? Well, do you?

    UPDATE: Goshdarnit, LucasArts have noticed and removed the offending pieces. The animation was just incredible, and Indy looked perfect. However, much like the final game there were many places where Quick Time Events seemed required, like climbing on to a truck or pushing over trash-cans during a chase. Oh well, it was too painful anyway.

    UPDATE 2: Well, the best one can be seen below. Don't say I didn't warn you. Have tissues ready...

    Staff of Kings news So how's Lego Indy 2 lookin', anyway?
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 3rd August 2009

    It's looking very Lego Indyish, thank you!

    IGN have a few videos up if you like looking at KOCS (pervert). The Diner Brawl is quite amusing, and there are a couple of new features shown off too, the World Builder (with alien-piloted UFO!) and the new (and rather cool) Split-Screen mode.

    They can all now be seen on our Images & Videos page.

    No release date yet, or how different the Original Trilogy levels are going to be from the first Lego Indy game. Still, at least that's one good Indy game out this year! (Kidding)

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings original score now available to download!
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 10th July 2009

    Blink (your ears) and you'll miss it in-game, but Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings actually had a pretty significant amount of original music composed by veteran composer Gordy Haab.

    In a cool feat of generosity, Gordy's now got the entire score to listen to on his website here. It's pretty darn cool really... just a shame that there wasn't more of it.

    Oh, and the download page is here! If, you know, you want to keep it! I know I do!

    Staff of Kings news Re-releases at last!
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 6th July 2009

    LucasArts have been teasing a big announcement today, and here it is. Basically they have teamed up with Valve Software's Steam to offer downloadable re-releases of many games in their classic back catalogue. That includes Fate of Atlantis, Last Crusade, and Lego Indy at the very least in the opening line-up, although we're hoping for Infernal Machine later down the line as that's a bugger to get working on most modern systems.

    And the best part? They're coming THIS WEDNESDAY, July 8th. Woo yeah!

    Incidentally, if you get stuck on the labyrinth section in FOA, why not check out LordTrilobite's new map?

    UPDATE: Now here! Yay!

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings Reviewed
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 9th June 2009

    I've been playing both the Wii and PSP versions for a week and have been gathering opinions on the PS2 and DS versions, so now at last may I present Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - The IndyJones.Net Ultimate Review!

    Read about the Wii/PS2 versions here, and the PSP/DS versions here.

    For a second opinion, Jason "Udvarnoky" Harang reviewed the Wii version for our hosts at The International House of Mojo, which you can read here. We've also been collecting any decent online reviews over the past couple of weeks, which you can check out on our Staff of Kings Reviews page. Still not sure? Well, then we've got links for Gameplay Videos for all versions now up on our Images & Videos page for the game (I apologise for not embedding them directly, but they're widescreen and muck up our current design something horrible!

    Hope you're enjoying whichever version you went for, but if you held off buying until you got some informed opinions from Indy Fans, hope this helps! Also, all the reviews currently out there seem to be for the Wii version only, so hope my rough guides and PSP review evens that out a bit for you!

    Now then... roll on Lego Indy 2! Oh, and apparently Shia LaBeouf says production on Indy 5 is gearing up. Yay!

    Staff of Kings news The Staff Unleashed
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 9th June 2009

    After a six-year deja vu gap between Indy games, at long last Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is available in the US! It'll be out in Europe on Friday.

    To celebrate, the latest edition of LucasArts Insider (yes, it's still going) has been mailed out. I only presume LucasArts are mocking us, as this was the picture they used. Note that the Indy model is the PS3/360 version... with satchel.

    There have been a couple of good and bad reviews, but overall opinion is wavering towards 'okay'. I'll have my own review up of both the Wii and PSP versions this weekend, but until then check out our Reviews page for the game. It'll be updated every time a new interesting one turns up. I'll also try to get as varied a selection as possible.

    We've now updated the Staff of Kings page into a proper Information page, with a Summary, History of the Staff of Moses/Aaron, notes on the Cancelled version, facts on the game, links and LucasArts' press releases. We'll have a Characters section up as soon as there are some decent pics of them!

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings Cancelled Again
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 5th June 2009

    Unfortunately is sad to report the cancellation of yet another eagerly awaited version of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, the novelisation by Rob McGregor. Despite the book being finished last year, before LucasArts made the decision to cancel the 360/PS3 version they put it back to 2010 and the novel with it. When the lesser Wii version got centre-stage with a June release, someone evidently forgot to tell the publishers.

    Many Indy fans who were interested in the story of Staff of Kings but not the game are rightfully annoyed, as well as people like myself who are still getting the game next week but wanted the book too because of the author - Rob McGregor was behind a selection of brilliant official Indy novels, including Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge (Indy goes after Noah's Ark!) and great novelisations of the films.

    The game for Wii on the other hand is still coming. Shame.

    Lego Indy news Lego Indy 2 official, first Staff of Kings review
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 29th May 2009

    Like a bad penny that loves the weekend, the Indy news turns up every Friday!

    The second worst-kept Indiana Jones gaming secret this year, the next Lego Indy game, is now official, and has the title Lego Indiana Jones: The Adventure Continues.

    Comprising, as feared, all four movies rather than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull plus other non-movie adventures, it will also more promisingly have a Level Editor. This should add much-needed longevity to the game, and if Traveller's Tales don't want to do it we can at least make Lego Fate of Atlantis ourselves.

    Also on the Indiana Jones For Kids theme, Empire Magazine has run the first review of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, and some very unflattering things it says too. While we're a little suspicious as this is a tiny review in a non-game mag (which also features the first review of Ghostbusters, incidentally), the suggestion that the game is linear to the point of being on-rails and is completely aimed at kids is all too plausible. We'll decide for ourselves, but we're getting worried. Still, only two weeks to go!

    We'll have pages up for Lego Indy 2 and Staff of Kings Reviews shortly!

    UPDATE 1: There's another video up as well, this time on the co-op mode, although there is a shot of Maggie O'Malley if you look closely.

    UPDATE 2: Reviews page now up. It's a bit bare at the moment, but it'll flesh out quickly.

    UPDATE 3: And now we have Lego Indy 2 pages! Hooray! Even with the official cover and screenshots that most other sites don't have! Aren't we great?

    Staff of Kings news We Want Some Hot Set Baby Tonight
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 23th May 2009

    LucasArts have posted a new video looking at the Hot Set environments and using objects and areas to Indy's advantage. There's also a nice reference to the famous shooting-the-sword-guy moment in Raiders.

    Frankly though, entertaining as it is that's not the good part for me. The good part is that the video clearly shows that we'll be able to turn off those annoying health bars on enemies. Phew!

    Oh, I also notice that's forum is still down. Why not join us instead?

    Staff of Kings news Site Update! (No, not us!)
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 15th May 2009

    The official Staff of Kings website has been updated properly for the first time since 2006. Hooray!

    There's new wallpapers, images, video, and a bastard hard scavenger hunt. Oh, and a Han Solo outfit is unlockable apparently, although we have no idea why.

    Staff of Kings news Video Killed The Screenshot Star
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 7th May 2009

    Forget boring screenshots (although we've got some more of them too), we have not one, not two, but three new videos to show you for Staff of Kings!

    1. You'll need a Facebook account for this one. This gives you a bit of detail on the story of the game, including a good hint about the Staff itself. 2. and 3. This is the first part, this is the second part of a walkthough for the opening Chinatown section of the game. Those screenshots I mentioned are below this video.

    Just a month to go now!

    Staff of Kings news Knowledge was their treasure
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 2nd May 2009

    GameSpot have a new Video Preview and, um, Written Preview for Indiana Jones and the Staff of East London.

    There's some shots of Fate of Atlantis in action too, along with a very nice segue from the game's MIDI Indiana Jones theme into the full orchestra version. Game's looking good too, which may surprise some people. Still no satchel, and the Nazi Swastika is absent, but otherwise we're looking forward to it. We've updated our pages on the game, by the way.

    More gameplay videos can be found on their page here, as well as a load of new screens.

    UPDATE: IGN's got a hands-on preview too.

    Infernal Machine news Movie Trailer No 2 - Infernal Machine!
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 25th April 2009

    The second of two Movie Trailers based on the main Indiana Jones games is now up at last! This one's based on the great Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. See here:

    The first, on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, was done for the International House of Mojo's 'LucasArts' Secret History' article on the game. The Trailer can be seen on the game's Videos page.

    I really enjoyed making both of these, and I plan to do (hopefully) two others, on Emperor's Tomb and Staff of Kings. When? Who knows!

    Oh, and in other news, we have had some Staff of Kings sound-related questions answered by JediMudkip. He does answer another pressing query inadvertently though...

    Will any of the new tracks from the soundtrack being available to buy or download?

    Unfortunately, no. We won?t be releasing an official soundtrack. As a professional courtesy to Maestro Williams, we do not release soundtracks for our Star Wars or Indiana Jones games. Maestro Williams is kind enough to allow us use of his music in our games, and as a thank you to him we do not compete in the marketplace against him for soundtrack sales.

    Who's doing Indy? David Esch?

    David Esche won't be appearing this time around, instead we'll be getting John Armstrong. You might recognize him as the voice of Han Solo in Empire At War.

    Any other voices we'd recognise?

    We've got a few great voices who take part. While you're battling thugs in Chinatown, keep an ear out for the voice of the killer in Scream. Yes - Scream. While he won't be telling Indy that he's in his house, Roger Jackson plays a number of thugs Indy comes up against. In the Co-Op mode, Indy pairs up with his father, the great Henry Jones Sr. Lewis MacCleod took the reigns for the familiar voice, but the hardcore Star Wars fans know him better as Sebulba, the great pod racer from Episode One.

    About the audio... will loyal Lucasfilm-Fans hear a good, old Wilhelm in this game?

    Our favorite scream makes more then one appearance, yes.

    How many audio tracks are we going to listen during the gameplay?

    The soundtrack is composed of about 40 minutes of brand new tracks created by Gordy Haab and Ray Harman. The rest of it (hours of it) is made up of never-before-heard music from the days of Raiders and Temple of Doom. We wanted to keep the feel of the old movies, but we didn't want to beat you over the head with the old music. It strikes a great balance.

    Has Ben Burtt been consulted or had any involvement in the game development process?

    While some of his sound effects from the original films (punches, falls, etc) make it into the game, Ben hasn't been around during the development of the audio. He's a busy, busy guy.

    Can we listen to any music track at any time?

    There isn't a Jukebox mode, sorry.

    Shame about the soundtrack, and I hope John Armstrong does as good as David Esch (I liked him!), but it's nice that the Wilhelm scream is in there... and yes, we are going to be playing with Indy's dad! Yeah!

    Staff of Kings news GameSpot Q&A & Screenshots
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 4th April 2009

    You can read a good Q&A GameSpot have posted on Staff of Kings right here, which answers a fair few pressing questions (although not about the satchel thing). By far my favourite is:

    GameSpot: Who's handling the music?

    LucasArts: When you hear the original John Williams music from the Indy films, it just gets your heart racing, so we just had to incorporate those pieces into the game. Additionally, our music supervisor, Jesse Harlin, went to the vaults and found some really great music from the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones TV series that we used as well. Finally, to bring more uniqueness to this story, composers Gordy Haab and Ray Harman created some really great original pieces that have odes to the classic John Williams music.

    Also answered is questions about how each platform's version will play and what platform-exclusive bonuses we can expect. For example, the PSP version will have a Young Indy adventure set just after the last TV appearance, and the DS version will have an extra level.

    There's also first footage of Fate of Atlantis running on Wii, which is just great.

    And also in SOK-related news, IGN have added some new screenshots, including the first shot of the famous elephant chase. It's looking... interesting, although it must be said that Indy looks nothing like Harrison Ford.

    Staff of Kings news First Gameplay Footage!
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 25th March 2009

    At last, we have some gameplay to look at! Make sure you press that 'HQ' button.

    Looks good, doesn't it? Much better than those rubbish first screenshots would have had us believe! A bit too much waggle though, perhaps? We'll see.

    We've put the video and new screenshots on our Images & Videos page, as well as an interesting shot we've taken from the video showing the co-op mode in action. It looks like Henry Jones Senior will indeed be the second playable character.

    Setting spiders on fire Vat are you doing, you stupid Amerikaner... umph! Not Meroe A better version of screenshot 2 I see Indy still values priceless treasures An entrenching tool! Still no satchel. Boo. Henry Jones Senior! Yay!

    Also note, the Release Date has slipped and is now fully confirmed. It is:

    June 9th for US
    June 12th for UK/Europe

    Lego Indy news Lego Indy II confirmed, and yet not
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 19th March 2009

    The CV of an animator at Traveller's Tales revealed some unannounced Lego projects at the studio - which is the way most gaming secrets seem be be revealed these days. She then confirmed it, but then stupidly said that both games are unconfirmed (huh?).

    They are, fairly predictable, Lego Harry Potter and Lego Indy II. However, the biggest surprise is that the latter is going to be called Lego Indiana Jones II: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, suggesting that the whole game is going to be based around Indy IV. We'll wait until we get official confirmation before we stick up a page for the game, just so, you know, we have at least a press statement to put on it...

    Staff of Kings news ALL Screens!
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 6th March 2009

    Screens for every version of Staff of Kings can now be seen at, of all places, The usual Wii ones are there, but there are brand new ones for PS2, PSP and DS. That's OFFICIAL PSP ones this time (although they do look very similar to the ones on Unseen 64)! Thanks to our old friend tocksic for bringing these to our attention!

    However, it does have to be pointed out that not only are they all quite small, but a number of the screenshots marked 'PS2' clearly have a movement icon for the Wii Remote on it. Also, Indy's satchel only appears on the handheld versions. I wonder why?

    Staff of Kings news PSP Screens?
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 4th March 2009

    A website called Unseen 64 has a load of screenshots that they're claiming are from a cancelled version of Amaze's PSP Indy game. Since the PSP version's still coming and Amaze are still developing it, I think Unseen 64 have got their wires crossed a little.

    The screenshots, however, look genuine, if a little rough (although less so than the Wii version in some respects). Indy in particular looks decidedly odd from the front, and the levels shown are very lacking in enemies or objects. However they do correspond with various pieces of concept art and footage we've seen. A couple of things of note: 1. Much like the DS version, Indy still has his satchel, which is still AWOL from the Wii version. 2. Indy is accompanied in a couple of screenshots by a female character who looks very like Sophia Hapgood, although is most likely Maggie O'Malley.

    I won't be putting these in our Images gallery, because a) there's a heck of a lot of them and I'm a lazy bastard, and b) we're not sure how up-to-date these shots are. It's likely they're from an early build of Amaze's version of the game. We'll see.

    Staff of Kings news Excavating The Cover
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 2nd March 2009

    We have a proper cover, at last!

    Whip it!

    And because they're so cool and we couldn't bear to part with them, 5IC/tocksic's alternate covers can both be seen on our Images & Videos page under 'Fan Art'.

    Staff of Kings news Q&A Answers, NGamer Scans, and the Staff of Birmingham... and Release Date!!
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 25th February 2009

    UPDATE: MCV, a videogame trade site and so fairly reliable, has said that Activision has dated Staff of Kings for a May 22nd European Release. This is exactly one year after KOTCS and the very end of Spring, so it sounds very likely to us. This would probably mean that the US release date is May 19th.

    JediMudkip of the LucasArts forums promised a few more gameplay-related answers for us today, and delivered. You can find them all here. I had a couple in there answered. Most importantly for anyone who played and got fed up with Emperor's Tomb:

    Is there a checkpoint system in the game?

    Yes, there is a checkpoint save system in the game. Again we've tried to be very careful so that if the player fails a puzzle or combat section that the checkpoint places them back in a position that is fair.


    There was also good news for UK Indy gamers today (like me), as NGamer magazine published the first decent preview for us Limeys. You can see hi-res scans of the two-page preview on our Previews page, but I'd advise you to pick up the mag if you can, even if it's just to say 'thank you'.

    Of particular interest is that it's the first preview to be honest and mention the awful state of the graphics and the dodgy resumé of A2M. This doesn't put off their enthusiasm for the game though.

    Oh, and they also mention about the Staff of Moses being in Birmingham. Obviously. That's about as crazy a theory as the idea that you can find Atlantis on Google Earth.

    Staff of Kings news First DS Screenshots
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 21st February 2009

    Finally, we've got a small (very small) indication of what the DS version is going to look like. See the tiny screenshots here. We'll put them up on the Images page shortly.

    You have to take note that this version is also being done by A2M, like the Wii/PS2 version. If that's the case, then why does Indy suddenly have his satchel (missing in all the Wii screens)?

    Staff of Kings news Nintendo Power Scans
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 17th February 2009

    The much sought-after Nintendo Power preview has finally been scanned in, first by throwmetheidol and then in higher resolution by EvilDevo at's forum.

    For ease of viewing, we've added the hi-res ones to our Previews page.

    Of particular note, apart from how the controls are going to work, is the strong hint about the secondary co-op character. "Fans of the franchise can look forward to some senior moments" - could this mean Indy's dad?

    Thanks to EvilDevo and Nintendo Power!

    Staff of Kings news Das Amerikaner ist in Computerbild Spiele magazin!
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 12th February 2009

    First magazine preview's up, and what do you know, it's in German of all things. Specifically, Computerbild Spiele magazine, as promised by JediMudkip.

    Unfortunately my German's pretty bad these days (out of practice), so we haven't got a full translation... yet! Still, we've got new screenshots and scans from tocksic over at TheRaider's forum, as well as a translation he did of the interview with A2M's Stephane Brochu.

    Oh, and speaking of tocksic, you may have noticed the box art on our Staff of Kings page. In the absence of the real box art, he kindly provided us with this excellent (and professional) artwork! Oh, and there's this alternative too.

    Thanks to tocksic / 5IC for these!

    Update: Thanks to our new best friend tocksic/5IC, the article's now in English! Hooray! From this we've got some new Facts:

  • The love interest will be journalist Maggie O'Malley, who apparently accompanies Indy throughout the game.

  • The game will contain new original music compositions. Not idea whether it will be a full soundtrack like previous Indy games, or just partial like several Star Wars games. We've also no idea who's doing it either.

  • There will be encounters with characters from previous Indy adventures. Yay!

    We've also added the relevant links to TheRaider's forum on our Staff of Kings previews page. More as they come!

    Update 2: Official Nintendo Magazine came out today with a short preview. No new information barring a guesstimate release of June, but a couple of new screens. See it here.

    Staff of Kings news A Few More Questions, A Few More Screenshots
    Posted by The Tingler on Sunday 8th February 2009

    Following up the last news post, Indyjones2131 posed a few interesting questions to JediMudkip and got a few interesting answers back. Here they are:-

    Are there any physics in the game at all?
    Yes. (simple answer!)

    How well do the animations capture the character of Indy (slightly clumsy, angry in a fight, etc?)
    You definitely feel like you're playing Indy - IMHO.

    Can you shed more light on the graphics? Are they going for a slightly stylized look? Do they look better in person/motion? I ask this because of the small screens in that Nintendo Power article - they look much better than the others...
    The game is a tough one because the screens don't do it justice, as is the case with most wii games. Static screens just can't convey it.

    How are the whip mechanics? Can you whip weapons from enemies hands? Can you use it it climb vertically as in Infernal Machine?
    You're starting to get into spoiler territory now. I'll say that it's not the same as Infernal Machine, but the whip is used for puzzles, fighting, and all the good Indy stuff.

    Do puzzles play a major role/ are they well integrated or should we expect pushing blocks around?
    The puzzles are actually really smart. I recently did one that gave me a very good eureka feeling.

    Where's Indy's satchel? Does he lose it as part of the story or are these screen in fact a bit early?
    Not saying. :)

    Well, the satchel thing seems like it's going to be part of the story - at least I hope it is. Thanks to indyjones2131 for asking the questions, and JediMudkip again for answering them!

    In further news, we have some more screenshots!

    I've got to admit... that last one could be good in motion. We'll see.

    Staff of Kings news Why It Was Cancelled
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 7th February 2009

    Yes, it's confirmed, Staff of Kings is not coming to 360/PS3. LucasArts wanted the game out 2009 to be the Indy experience for this year, but they wouldn't have made it.

    In other news, I've been posing some questions to JediMudkip, a very helpful admin and Indy fan on the LucasArts forums. He couldn't answer all of them obviously, but some interesting tidbits came up:-

    When can we see some gameplay trailers, or some DS screenshots?
    They'll be coming! It's been what - 4 days? Stay tuned!

    Will Rob McGregor's book novelisation be coming out around the same time as the game?
    It'll be following a bit later in the year.

    Who is that voice of Indy in the trailer? Is it David Esch?
    No idea. I'll try to find out. It sounds like him, doesn't it?

    Will the soundtrack of the game be original or taken from the films? I've loved all of Clint Bajakian's original scores, especially Emperor's Tomb, so I hope the answer is 'original'.
    I'll find out.

    How linear is the game?
    It's a story-based game. So, it's rather linear, but there are different ways of handling situations.

    Can you tell us any more about the co-operative mode? How long will that be, and will it cover the main game too?
    It's a separate storyline, and I can't say much because I wouldn't want to spoil it, but you play alongside someone that gave me a grin.

    Nintendo Power is US-only. What magazines will be getting similar big previews on the game in the UK?
    The lovely women of our PR team have put together a list of mags for me to give to you, so our friends over the pond can get their Indy on. As follows:

    Computer Bild Spiele - February issue
    Official Nintendo Magazine - March issue
    NGamer - March issue
    GamesMaster - March issue
    Official Nintendo Magazine - March issue

    No idea whether 'March issue' means 'the issue out in March' or 'the issue with March 2009 on the cover' (the February issue in ONM's case, out next week!). We'll see!

    Oh, and we'll be adding the below link to our forum every news post now, as we're without the usual Comments page most news sites have. Enjoy!

    Staff of Kings news New Screenshots, Bag Still Missing
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 6th February 2009

    A couple of new screenshots appeared today on the Portuguese Eurogamer of all places, both from the still-quite-awkward-looking Wii version. We've added them to our Images page, along with an additional piece of concept art we found floating around the net.

    Eurogamer screenshot Staff of Moses? I knew that bridge wasn't built yet!

    Yes, we know Indy's still forgotten his satchel, although if you check the older images it looks like he's never had it in the game. It's in the trailer, though.

    However, of most interest is the second screenshot, which appears to show Indy holding the titular Staff of Moses! On the other hand, it could just be the whip... that, um, seems to be glowing.

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings Official Site Updated!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 3rd February 2009

    Well surprise, surprise. Ahead of the Nintendo Power reveal, LucasArts have actually updated the Indiana Jones official site! It's not a massive redesign or anything, but in addition to the trailer there's a brand new Fact Sheet for the game with loads of interesting new details, such as:

  • Multiplayer! A co-operative mode with an additional quest (where you and a friend play Indy and "a familiar character never playable before in an Indy game" - Sophia perhaps?), and four-player versus matches in scenarios like the Last Crusade tank battle.

  • The Staff of Kings is, as guessed, the Staff of Moses.

  • Perhaps most excitingly, Fate of Atlantis will be unlockable! This will be the first time LucasArts have released it on a console, and the first of their adventures to make it to the Wii! Of course, we're assuming it's not the Action Game (shudder)...

    Accordingly, we've updated our own page on the game too.

    LucasArts also released several screenshots, all of which can be seen in our gallery. These have presented one of our major worries for the game, as they all seem very washed out and jagged. Emperor's Tomb, a six-year-old game, looks better than these shots. Let's hope they're for the PS2 version and not Wii...

    Update: Oh, and Nintendo Power have very kindly released a preview of their, um, preview of the game, which can be read here. Couple of small screenshots there too. More as we get it.

    Update 2: According to an Admin answering questions on the LucasArts forums, yes, they are screenshots for the Wii version. Oh dear.

    Update 3: Good news: it is indeed the Adventure Game version of Fate of Atlantis, not that we had any doubts. Unfortunately though, it's only going to be available with the Wii version.

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings to be revealed in Nintendo Power?
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 28th January 2009

    After the shock of seeing the new video and the revelation that the primary platform is the Wii, we're now desperate to know a few details. Why just the trailer? What will it look like? When exactly is it coming out? Why not on the 360/PS3? And why are LucasArts being so quiet about this?

    The most probable reason is that they've promised a magazine the exclusive reveal. If this is true, then it's likely Nintendo Power, who offered this teaser in their current issue. The map shows a Google Map of Indianapolis, Indiana, with a marker on a university. Seems pretty conclusive.

    It's also worth noting (for those, like me, who don't live in the US) that as Nintendo Power are the official Ninty magazine for that territory, then the Official Nintendo Magazine in other territories will almost certainly get the exclusive too. ONM in the UK promises "a big exciting exclusive game reveal" in their next issue, on sale February 13th. Nintendo Power goes on sale around that time too.

    As soon as they come out, LucasArts will spill the beans. Heck, they might even update their website!

    Update: I was right.

    Throw an octopus?

    Hopefully we'll have some scans to put in the preview section after the magazine arrives on February 20th. Of course, if I'm also right about Official Nintendo Magazine, their preview will be up Feb 13th, promise!

    Update 2: Official Nintendo Mag unfortunately says nope, it's not their big exclusive. Bugger.

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings Confirmed, Trailer, Coming Spring to...
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 24th January 2009

    It had to happen, but it seems the rumours were true.

    Here's a hi-def version, in case you'd like it.

    What this trailer seems to confirm is that the rumours about the next-gen internally-developed Indy game were true. This is a trailer for the Wii, PSP and DS (and maybe PS2) versions only.

    It's also entirely CGI (no in-game footage, worrying for a game that's supposed to be complete), is arriving with very little fanfare, and contains scenes either a) from early concept art/trailers and b) from Emperor's Tomb.

    At least we know it's coming out soon (Spring 2009), and that ruddy title is confirmed at last. Still, we're disappointed and very critical of this decision. Let's hope it's good...

    Fate of Atlantis news New Free Indy Game Released, sort of
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 17th January 2009

    The makers of the promising-looking Fate of Atlantis-style fangame Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth have released... a different Indy game, as a special New Year's Day present (yes, we realise we forgot to post about this at the right time!).

    Entitled Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Spheres, this short game can be downloaded from the Barnett College website now. It's an adventure all right, albeit with only a couple of rooms - it's a slightly late (but very clever) Christmas joke!

    Play it to take your mind off the news below, while we're waiting for LucasArts to throw us a bone.

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings Cancelled?!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 13th January 2009

    IGN are reporting that the next-gen Indy game is cancelled, at least internally. It's only a rumour, nothing official yet, and totally conflicts with the reports that the game was 'looking great'.

    Speaking with Joystiq, LucasArts gave this cryptic quote:

    "LucasArts remains absolutely committed to the Indiana Jones franchise. While we are aware that fans have been eagerly awaiting additional information on the upcoming game, they can rest assured that details are forthcoming."
    Not only is this exactly the same quote LucasArts gave last year, it also neither confirms or denies anything.

    So in other words, we will be getting a new Indy game, but when and developed by whom is anybody's guess for now.


    The Tingler More Non-Staff of Kings News - UPDATED
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 8th January 2009

    A Happy New Year To You All! A couple of new pieces of news that have, sadly, nothing whatsoever to do with Staff of Kings.

  • Hal Barwood has graced the world with another great interview, this time at Adventure Classic Gaming. Not a massive amount of Indy questions really, although it does contain his answer to that burning question Did Kingdom of the Crystal Skull rip off Infernal Machine?

  • The rumours about Lego Indiana Jones II continue to spread. It's possible, with Indy IV still to be adapted. At the very least a 'Complete Adventures' package is likely, in our opinion.

  • We haven't really paid much attention to the adventure game Mata Hari at all, slightly unfairly as it's the first time Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein have collaborated since Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, not to mention the fact that Indy himself has met the seductive spy herself. It's now out in Germany, but the English language version may be out for download at GamersGate on January 31st.

    Right, that's all for now. We'll soon be updating our Staff of Kings Facts & Rumours page with all the info of interest from the recently released Rogue Leaders book, so keep an eye out for that. We still recommend you buy the book though - it's worth it for the concept art, which we can't reproduce! UPDATE: Only a couple of Facts, but they're now up!

    The Tingler A Merry Indy Christmas To You All
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 25th December 2008

    Yes, we're still around. There hasn't been much to get excited about in the world of Indy Gaming recently, but there has been some news. Let's have a look on this Yuletide day:

  • The Mac version of Lego Indiana Jones is now shipping, so now Apple-dedicated gamers now have proper games in double digits! No excuse now guys!

  • The book Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts is also now available. It contains a lot of Indy-related stuff, and while my Mojo review did point out how a few of his games are a bit under-represented, the exclusive Staff of Kings concept art and new details evens it up. Plus it's a damn fine book.

  • Speaking of Staff of Kings, it hasn't been cancelled or anything. Just so you know. Details are "forthcoming" apparently, but then LucasArts have been saying that all of 2008. Our bet for the game's release? September 2009.

  • And while that's happening, a nice interview with Hal Barwood (our favourite man in the world) has appeared on the website of our friends at Please come back Hal, we've forgiven you for RTX Red Rock.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us here at!

    Staff of Kings News Like a good penny, he never turns up
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 18th October 2008

    Blog site Gone Is Gone posted a little piece recently about Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. I don't know how close they are to insider knowledge, but they managed to get hold of a few new screenshots which are now up on our Staff of Kings Images & Videos page.

    Now sit down and twiddle your fingers or whatever you do to pass the time. We're in for a loooong(er) wait.

    Staff of Kings News Staff of Kings re-revealed next week? UPDATE: No.
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 22nd September 2008

    So it seems that the rumours about LucasArts re-unveiling Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings this week were false. Oh well, hopefully next week. Or month, or year...

    Whatever, but we do have new news on the tie-in novel written by Rob McGregor, who confirms the title once more (fancy doing it too LucasArts?). Some bright spark at's forum emailed him and received this response:

    Thanks for your kind words about my Indy novels. I do have another one coming out, but not until next year. It's related to the sixth generation of the Indiana Jones computer game. Game and novel have the same title -- Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings -- and somewhat similar story lines. My novel was completed months ago and was originally scheduled to come out at the time of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But production on the game was delayed. The current publication date is Fall of '09...
    So does that mean we're not getting the game until late 2009?

    In other book news, Steve Perry is writing a new Indy novel called Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead. It's set sometime between Infernal Machine and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and features the backstabbing George 'Mac' McHale. It's supposed to be out in May 2009, so before the Staff of Kings novelisation.

    Staff of Kings News Staff of Kings re-revealed next week?
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 10th September 2008

    The GameStop Expo at Las Vegas is on now, and is rife with many rumours - including that LucasArts may be planning to re-reveal Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings next week. This would match the prediction that they would wait until Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is out the door before hyping up their next game.

    If they're also planning on releasing the handheld version of the game next month to coincide with the Indy IV DVD release, a month might not have been enough.

    The Tingler Mojo Retrospectives
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 2nd September 2008

    Our erstwhile hosts the International House of Mojo are now showing the next episode in their LucasArts' Secret History series on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. I do apologise however, as we forgot to tell you about The Last Crusade episode!

    Nevermind, eh? You can find The Fate of Atlantis feature here, and The Last Crusade here.

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings... on handheld first?
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 28th August 2008

    At the beginning of this year (see the Surfer Girl rumours below and on our Facts & Rumours page), it was rumoured that a developer called A2M were working on a version of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for less powerful consoles (Wii, PS2, PSP and DS) much like how Krome Studios have done with The Force Unleashed. The rumour suggested that their version not only had a smoother development than the LucasArts version but that it was going to be released this year to coincide with the home video release of Indy IV.

    It seems like this might actually happen, as the European ratings board PEGI have just rated the game for handhelds. It's possible that the Wii and PS2 versions will be released with the next-gen LucasArts version, but the handheld versions were deemed different enough to be released earlier.

    Interestingly, they've been given a surprisingly high rating: 16+.

    At the very least, this does confirm that the title Staff of Kings is correct. Now, why haven't LucasArts said anything?

    UPDATE: Well, well, well. Since this was spotted, several sites have starting discovering new info. Here's two things I don't think anyone's noticed:

    1. A2M confirmed that they were working on an Indiana Jones title for LucasArts, so that rumour's true.
    2. That PEGI page has REMOVED the rating for the two versions of the game. Maybe LucasArts complained about them letting the cat out of the bag.

    Kotaku also have a few interesting points, such as the possibility that the Nazis will be once again Generic Soldiers. Oh, and we got quoted by Woo!

    The Tingler Indiana Jones Histories
    Updated by The Tingler on Wednesday 27th August 2008

    UPDATED - Fate of Atlantis! New History and updated Information page!

    As reported in the last Update post, we're very proud to announce that each Indiana Jones game will be getting a History section. Here you can find short, digestable facts about some of the important people, places, items and animals in the games.

    Here are the Histories as posted on each game's Information page. You can find them all by scrolling about halfway down the page:

  • Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (aka Indy 2008) - Now up! Read the history of The Staff of Moses & Aaron!

  • Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - Now up! Read the histories of The First Emperor, the Emperor's Tomb, the Terracotta Warriors, Belisarius and The Kraken!

  • Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - Now up! Read the histories of The Tower of Babel, Marduk, King Solomon's Mines and Shambala!

  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Now up! Read the histories of Atlantis, the Minoan Civilisation, the Palace of Knossos and the Labyrinth, Plato and his Dialogues and the Race for the Nuclear Age!

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Coming Soon!

    The Tingler Fate of Atlantis - The Movie Trailer
    Updated by The Tingler on Wednesday 20th August 2008

    Soon the International House of Mojo will be showing the next episode in their LucasArts' Secret History series - which is on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. In honour of this event, I've created this Movie Trailer for the game. Enjoy!

    You can also find it on the FOA Images & Videos page.

    Staff of Kings news Staff of Kings Not Destroyed by Hezekiah (check your Bible)
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 22nd July 2008

    Yes, I realise we haven't updated in a while. There hasn't been that much to talk about really since Lego Indy came out and with Staff of Kings once again having a non-appearance at E3.

    Fortunately though DailyGame were there to ask LucasArts the hard questions, such as "what the hell are you playing at?"

    Apparently, the Indiana Jones PS3 and Xbox 360 game is "very deep into development," with a team "working very actively" to bring the game up to a form for public/media consumption. And, because the game shares an engine with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which ships this fall, such a display may not be as far off as you might think.

    The progress the development team is making has apparently been paying off in strides, as one LucasArts representative told us that "the game looks great."

    Hmm, let's hope so. We got disheartened a bit by the lack of news, or indeed staff to work on it after LucasArts fired them all.

    Lego Indy news Lego Indy Review
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 7th June 2008's review of Lego Indiana Jones can now be seen right here! This covers both the Main Version and the completely different DS Version! Enjoy!

    Lego Indy news Lego Indy released (everywhere)!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 3rd June 2008

    Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is now available in stores - everywhere! This is the first new Indy game since 2003, and the first one on a handheld console since 1999!

    The reviews are all being collected on our Lego Indy Reviews page. Our own review should be up soon too! Whips - release!

    Lego Indy news IGN reviews Lego Indy!
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 30th May 2008

    IGN are the first to review Lego Indiana Jones, and it's pretty favourable! Check it out! And don't forget that we'll be cataloguing each and every review that comes along on our Lego Indy Reviews page, including our own!

    Remember, the game's released everywhere next week! Don't panic!

    The Tingler IndyJones Update!
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 28th May 2008

    We've had an update! A small but significant one! Here's the list:

    - Indy 2008 is now Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. I'm about 90% certain that this will be the title as the evidence is fairly conclusive, but more importantly it's much better to call it anything!
    - Images pages are now Images & Videos pages. All games from Last Crusade up to Lego Indy and Staff of Kings now have a couple of cool videos along with their Images! Because we all prefer to watch a game in motion rather than just static screenshots right? (True, playing it is best...)
    - Lego Indy's Facts & Rumours page has now morphed into a proper Information page. It's a proper game now!
    - Added a Lego Indy Reviews page. Of course it's quite barren right now, but it will fill up shortly!

    ANOTHER UPDATE! - 'History' Section! Want to know more about the MacGuffins in the Indiana Jones games, or just the really cool stuff? Well, we'll be adding a History section to the Information page for each game soon! The first one, on the Staff of Kings in preparation for the new game, is up now!


    Indy IV news Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Game!
    Posted by The Tingler on Sunday 25th May 2008

    Yes, the game of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is now available to buy, and a PC demo is playable too!

    The only problem is that it's just a mobile phone game. Ah well, Lego Indy will be here soon.

    Indy IV news Have you seen it yet?
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 22th May 2008

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is now playing in cinemas. We hope you enjoy it and that you come out of the cinema saying "[insert here] was just like Infernal Machine!"

    Well, have you seen it yet? Then do so!

    The Tingler Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Game Discussion!
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 15th May 2008

    Five Indy gaming fans sit down and discuss the four main Indiana Jones games - Last Crusade, Fate of Atlantis, Infernal Machine and Emperor's Tomb - and decide which one is the best Indy game of all time.

    Six categories were discussed for all four games, and a score out of 10 was given for each category from each person. The game that scored the highest at the end was crowned Best Indy Game of All Time! But which will it be?

    Read it now to find out!

    (You may have seen a highly-edited version of this discussion at the International House of Mojo recently. As is the home of Indiana Jones gaming, it was deemed suitable to host the Special Edition of the Chat! Hope you enjoy it!)

    Lego Indy news Lego Demo (or Demo Lego)!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 13th May 2008

    The Lego Indiana Jones Demo is out! Download it here!

    As expected, it's the first level in the game, the Idol Temple from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Enjoy!

    And if that doesn't whet your appetite:


    The Tingler New Links!
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 12th May 2008

    I've added several new links to our, um, Links page, as well as updating the pictures and info. Check it out. Amongst our new links are:

    arrowThe official Lego Indiana Jones game site
    arrow German site Lego Universe and its Babel Fish English Translation
    arrowThe Indy Experience

    We'll update with more later!

    And in other Lego Indy news, hopefully the demo should be up soon!

    The Tingler Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings?
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 10th May 2008

    Could that be the title of the new Indiana Jones game? Forum member Moedred at TheRaven ('s forum) unearthed a copyright form filed by LucasArts in 2007 for this title to be used as "interactive entertainment". It's not part of the list of trademarks for possible Indy IV names.

    The full trademark info can be seen here. Just click on 'Basic Search' then type in 'Staff of Kings'.

    If it is indeed Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, then that fits with the ongoing rumour that the "quest of biblical proportions" would be for the Staff of Aaron/Moses, that helped cause the Seven Plagues of Egypt and parted the Red Sea.

    And in other Indy news, there's a new trailer up for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Slightly pointless as it's mostly the second trailer and no one will ever see it in a cinema as the film comes out in less than two weeks.

    It can be found here: 480p / 720p / 1080p

    Lego Indy news New Lego Indy previews with movies from all three films!
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 8th May 2008

    There's a new hands-on preview for Lego Indiana Jones over at IGN, which would be boring if it weren't for the three videos that they posted, one for each film! Have a watch!

    I've added what new info there's been to our Lego Indy Facts & Rumours page.

    I've also added the one new snippet of info about Indiana Jones 2007 2008 that's been revealed recently, that Indy is "searching for his former college professor, Charles Kingston". We may be in for a more Last Crusade-style adventure than expected, one with an actual story! Wow!

    UPDATE: There's a cool new Preview over at Eurogamer which addresses many concerns about the game. Then the writer hands the game over to his five-year-old son and friends who must have exploded with joy at the prospect of playing a major new game several weeks before release. I know I would!

    Indy IV news Official Wallpaper of the Official Poster!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 6th May 2008

    Now this was a surprise! I've been waiting ages for a Wallpaper of Drew Struzan's Full Official Poster of Indy IV to appear on, and it still hasn't.

    So where did I find it? Why, only on the UK version of the Official Site instead!! Check the Downloads page out!

    Here's the direct link to the best version! Enjoy!

    Lego Indy news LEGO Last Crusade! And others!
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 5th May 2008

    Some more new footage from Lego Indiana Jones is now up at GameTrailers, entitled 'Dangerous Times'. It contains footage from the game's version of all three movies - so that's our first look at Lego Last Crusade! Hooray!

    Also, the Official LucasArts Lego Indy Site has at last been updated with tons of cool stuff, like wallpapers, images, videos and descriptions of every single level in the game! A PC Demo is also promised for May 12th, which will probably be the level me and Gabez played for our preview.

    Indy IV news Indy IV Trailer 2. In terrible better quality!
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 3rd May 2008

    About damn time too! You can experience the new Indiana Jones & Son (Maybe) trailer in full HD quality!

    1080p / 720p / 480p

    The Official Indiana Jones Site has also had a small revamp, which basically means that a very golden Crystal Skull is staring at you the whole time you're there.

    Here's the trailer in YouTube quality for those without fast computers or patience:

    The Tingler Indy 2008 actually being released in 2008! Maybe.
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 28th April 2008

    Now this is total Surfer Girl rumour, but a hopeful one. This was on her latest rumour list:

    The release for A2M's Indy game is currently scheduled to coincide with the Crystal Skull home video release.
    A2M's Indy game, which has not been officially announced and has only ever been mentioned from Surfer Girl's blog, is the supposed Indy equivalent of Krome Studios' version of The Force Unleashed. In other words, the Wii/PS2 non-LucasArts developed version.

    She has been wrong before about the new Indy game's release date (saying that it definitely will be out before Lego Indiana Jones), but where there's hope for a 2008 release I'll back it all the way! Even on the Wii (which looks like the best version of The Force Unleashed at the moment. Imagine using the Wii Remote to flick the whip! Or fight like in Wii Sports Boxing!)!

    Our guess is that LucasArts won't release it until their own version is ready.

    Lego Indy news LEGO Temple of Doom!
    Posted by The Tingler on Sunday 27th April 2008

    Some new footage from Lego Indiana Jones is now up at Entertainment Weekly showing cutscenes and gameplay from Temple of Doom. Included is the lovely human sacrifice (really edited I hope) and the Mine Cart Chase! Infernal Machine ain't got nothin' on this!

    Check it out! Hopefully we should have a review of this game before its release, although you already know our recommendation - buy it, it's Indy!

    The Tingler news Young Indiana Jones and the Missing Links
    Posted by The Tingler on Sunday 13th April 2008

    I don't know what a lot of people think of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, but my general opinion is that they were pretty good with some excellent stories, but they didn't really capture the feel of the movies.

    The show was cancelled after just two seasons, although there were always plans for a third series that would make the show feel more Indy-like. A few of these stories got made into TV movies, including 'Treasure of the Peacock's Eye' and 'Phantom Train of Doom', two of the best and most filmic stories (the latter even had Paul 'Belloq' Freeman in it).

    The rest of the episodes had only vague plots outlined... that is, until now!

    Young Indy meeting Abner Ravenwood and searching for the Ark together? Indy becoming friends with Belloq and discovering a Crystal Skull and a Lost City? Indy having a fantasy where he's five inches high and rides a goose? Damn, I want these made!

    Check it out!

    Lego Indy & Indy 2008 news Two new Articles on the two new Indy Games!
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 29th March 2008

    IndyJones now has two new pieces for your reading pleasure on our Articles page. One each for the two upcoming Indiana Jones games!

    The first is entitled Indiana Jones and the Smoke & Mirrors Act, and is a Rant/Editorial about LucasArts and the disappearing act Indiana Jones 2006/7/8/9 has played on us. Read it now!

    The second game is fortunately actually in existence, and of course is Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Both I and Gabez have added our First Impressions of the game, as well as brief snippets of info from the Traveller's Tales representative who guided us through the first level. That release date of June the 6th is talked about for example. Enjoy!

    Indy IV news Welcome To The Kingdom
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 10th March 2008

    No, actually THIS is what my dreams look like

    Updated that link now with the Hi-Res version. Also, the poster's available to buy now from StarWarsShop.

    Lego Indy news Three bits of Lego Indy, now you just need the hat and legs...
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 7th March 2008

    Bit One: If you live in the UK and don't mind a trek to Wembley Stadium, Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures will be playable at the Live Event next weekend (15th-16th March)! With any luck, both me and Gabez should be there, so expect a first impressions report coming soon after that!

    Bit Two: The Lego Indy release date is now strongly rumoured, if not totally confirmed, to be 6th June 2008. We'll try and confirm that shortly.

    Bit Three: Lego Indy's box art is now viewable!

    This is what my dreams look like

    The Tingler That's a Wrap!
    Posted by The Tingler on Sunday 2nd March 2008

    As suggested in the previous post, is now fully up-to-date! Hooray!

    It's been a personal mission of mine over the last month or so to make IndyJones live up to its tagline 'The Number One Source for Indiana Jones Gaming!' I now think we're there!

    Here's the full list of updates I've added to the site:

    • Added Last Crusade Info & Music Pages. Last Crusade is getting on a bit now, but is still one of the major Indy Games. It deserves some respect!
    • Added Emperor's Tomb Reviews and Music Pages, Updated Emperor's Tomb Info page. Been a long time coming, but now Emperor's Tomb is fully updated. The Music page is the most worthwhile addition, as there isn't anything like it on the net. Now you can enjoy Clint Bajakian's last and greatest Indiana Jones soundtrack!
    • Added Lego Indy & 2008 Previews Pages. Now you can keep up with all the latest previews for the upcoming Indy games on one handy site!
    • Updated Lego Indy and 2008 Facts pages. Now we know a lot more about both, whether Facts or Rumours! Any notable videos have been put on these pages too.
    • More Images added to Lego Indy. We'll keep on adding any good ones as they come out.
    • Added 'Hidden Room 2', 'An artist's signature' and Images to Infernal Machine Trivia page. Well, I didn't know about the Close Encounters room until recently!
    • Added Infernal Machine Music page. This is the big one, but I've talked about enough in the post below! The only one of its kind!
    • Updated Desktop Adventures page. Added Info and box-art for the runt of the 90s Indy litter.
    • Added Greatest Adventures page. The lovechild of Super Star Wars and Indiana Jones finally gets its own page.
    • Updated Fan Games to include Last Crusade 2. Whether any of these games will be released or not is another matter.
    • Added Revenge of Ancients page. The first ever Indy adventure game gets a page!
    • Added Cancelled Games page. A detailed page for all the Indy games that didn't quite make it. Well, did you know the Spear of Destiny actually exists, was actually captured by the Nazis, actually presented to Adolf Hitler and actually now sits in a museum in Vienna?
    I'm sure more will come, but that's enough for now I think! Enjoy!

    Infernal Machine News Infernal Machine Soundtrack! At last!
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 1st March 2008

    We've been updated again, and I'm particularly excited about this one. I'll do a list of all the updates once they're finished (which will be shortly), but this one is particularly interesting: the Soundtrack for the PC version of Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine!

    While Zaarin has posted instructions on how to rip the music from the game, it is a very time-consuming process. Luckily for you guys I had a lot of time on my hands recently (unemployment, laziness, etc)!

    Unfortunately, due to the legal wrangling that lost the brilliant LucasArts Soundtracks the Indy soundtracks (which was actually based on the slightly different N64 soundtrack), IndyJones has omitted any tracks that contain the copyrighted Raiders March, aka Indy Theme. The same goes for the incredible Emperor's Tomb soundtrack, with the exception of one track that was released by LucasArts themselves. The MIDI stylings of Fate of Atlantis and Last Crusade however are unaffected.

    Lego Indy news Uncensored Lego Indy Trailer
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 29th February 2008

    Entertainment Weekly has today posted some lovely footage of the opening level of Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Check it out right here.

    It doesn't look like TT Games are steering too far from the Lego Star Wars template, but there's definitely a lot of Indyness there, including spike traps and arrow-shooting statues. There's also a surprising amount of dark humour in the opening cutscene, with two of Indy's companions meeting unfortunate (but hilarious) ends.

    Oh, and you get to see the iconic boulder chase too.

    Indy IV news Uncensored Indy IV Trailer
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 19th February 2008

    Fed up with seeing the US flag and soldiers who don't like pointing guns at prisoners?

    Well then, thankfully Empire Online's here to save the day!

    High Windows Media Trailer
    High Quicktime Trailer

    Ahhh, that's better. And this trailer also clears up one horrifying rumour - that Europe wasn't getting Indiana Skull until June. Thankfully that's false. It may not be May 22nd, but it definitely may be May, if we may.

    Staff of Kings News LucasArts lied about Indy?
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 22th February 2008

    Remember all those wonderful screenshots? That oh-so-eccentric video? In fact, even LucasArts' own website? Well, it was all a lie. Indiana Jones 2007 never existed.

    According to a LucasArts source who spilled the beans to Eurogamer, they've only just started production. The last two years have been spent with the game just in pre-production, where it was massively sidelined by Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Guess they shouldn't have fired all their employees, then.

    Apparently it's not even coming out this year now. Indiana Jones 2009 anyone?

    Staff of Kings News Eurogamer video entertains, reveals nothing new
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 19th February 2008

    Eurogamer has posted a nice new video in their 'Eurogamer TV' slot, which you can watch here. It's very entertaining, especially if you're a Star Wars geek, and his Yoda voice is spot-on.

    It's mostly about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Fracture, but hidden deep within is a few tidbits about the long-awaited next-gen ultra-late Indiana Jones game. It's nothing we haven't heard before, but reading between the lines, one thing becomes obvious - something went badly wrong with that game last year. Surfer Girl may be right.

    And in other Eurogamer Indy news, they've just released this little tidbit about Lego Indy. Four-player Co-op!! Update: Dang. Thanks for nothing, guys. No four-player co-op after all. Sniff.

    Infernal Machine news Infernal Machine trivia - another alien link!
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 18th February 2008

    Added (finally) those two missing screenshots from the Infernal Machine trivia page, as well a mention for that piece of graffiti on the Mine lodge roof... and something else too. I don't know about you guys, but I only found out about this particular major secret yesterday.

    It's another hidden Easter Egg room, like the famous Monkey Island one - except this one's from Close Encounters of the Third Kind! So along with Soviet enemies and the post-WW2 setting, that's another link between Infernal Machine and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

    The Tingler More updates! Preview Pages!
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 16th February 2008

    Want all the info available on the upcoming Indy games, Lego Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones 2007/8/12/Whatever, but don't want to trawl the Net? Well, that's why we call "Your number one source for Indiana Jones gaming"! Just added 'Previews' pages for both games, Lego Indy and Other Indy.

    We'll keep them up to date with any new previews that come out, and then after the games' release they'll magically transform into 'Reviews' pages. Promise!

    Update: We had a bit of glitch over the weekend with Mojo changing servers, and that wiped this update for a couple of days. Everything was backed up though, so no harm done! More updates coming soon, but no more server changes or sudden update wiping. I hope...

    Indy IV news Direct Trailer Goodness... and more updates!
    Posted by The Tingler on Friday 15th February 2008

    If that's not enough for you, Emperor's Tomb now has a Reviews page! It no longer feels left out!

    Indy IV news Indy IV Trailer! Site Updates! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 14th February 2008

    It's Valentine's Day, and the Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer is here! And earlier than expected too! Go on, grab it, watch it, and discuss it on our forum!

    And if the first new footage of Harrison Ford as Indy in years ain't enough for your Indy bug today, the first of several updates to (this site, chowderhead) is now available! The oft-neglected classic Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure now has an Information page and a Music page!

    Updated again! You can now enjoy the famous orchestral sounds of Indiana Jones & The Emperor's Tomb composed by Clint Bajakian on our other new Music page! This is especially important, not just because the soundtrack rivals John Williams himself, but because it is almost impossible to find any music from the game on the net!

    And what about that other impossible-to-find Indy Soundtrack, Infernal Machine? Yes, that'll be added to the site in due time. Now go back and watch that trailer again! I know I am!

    Indy IV News Speaking of comics... cool poster!
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 13th February 2008

    Dark Horse Comics recently released a cover and a few scant details about the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comic book adaptation. The cover was, it must be said, fairly dull - featuring Indy, Shia LaBeouf with switchblade and sword, and some miscellaneous ruins.

    However, they have just released a far superior alternate cover at, which could have been the one for Infernal Machine, until you take a closer look. It'd make a good film poster too. Drew, the gauntlet has been thrown!

    What a fine leather jacket!

    Also now available, Italian magazine L'espresso have a new feature up on Indy IV. Unless you speak Italian you won't be able to read it, but there are three small new photos up in the feature. The last one is particularly hilarious.

    Tingler Indy Comics Collection, with gaming surprises!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 12th February 2008

    Dark Horse Comics are re-releasing their old Indiana Jones comic stories as well as some new work in a series of omnibuses in anticipation for the new movie. The first Omnibus is now shipping from! Included in this volume is the long out-of-print comic adaptation of Fate of Atlantis. Although it is very loosely based on the game's plot and apparently has some spotty writing (you can check out ATMachine's detailed write-up on it here), any fan will find it worth reading. Also included in the collection is Thunder In The Orient (which features Sophia Hapgood) and Arms of Gold.

    The second volume is set to be released on June 25th, and will feature the even more interesting Iron Phoenix and Spear of Destiny stories, both of which were based on cancelled adventure games. Both titles were attempts at genuine sequels to Fate of Atlantis but multiple issues resulted in their demise, making the far more action oriented Infernal Machine the next installment in the archeologist's video game series - which Iron Phoenix's story actually influenced. You can read about their troubled development in Mojo's Iron Phoenix and Spear of Destiny game pages. While the games themselves were killed, the stories lived on through the comic adaptations. Though there's good reason to assume that the adaptations are extremely loose and probably not representative of how the games would have been, they are nonetheless fascinating reads.

    In any event, if you're a fan of Indiana Jones or the games or comics, then you owe it to yourself to check out these new collections!

    Originally posted by Jason at the International House of Mojo on Tuesday, February 12th.

    Indy IV news The Indy IV trailer. Time and place.
    Posted by The Tingler on Monday 11th February 2008

    Yes, you already know that the Indy IV trailer is coming on Thursday 14th - Valentine's Day.

    Now we know the exact time.

    It will debut sometime during Good Morning America between 8am-9am, creating situations across the country a lot like that South Park episode. It will then be up on the Internet.

    For the US, 9am. For us in GMT land, 5pm, Thursday. Be there or be Indy-less!

    Lego Indy News Hmm... "original" adventures?
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 7th February 2008

    The eagerly awaited Lego Indiana Jones has been previewed by the UK's Edge Magazine, and we've got a juicy taste right here.

    For me though, the most interesting fact revealed is the full title: Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Now this is obviously so people don't feel short-changed when the buy it in June and discover it doesn't have any Crystal Skulls in it (although I'm prepared to bet there'll be a Bonus Level set then, like how LSW had a A New Hope bonus level), but does this mean there might be a Lego Indy II somehow?

    Update: There's a cool (but short) new preview up at GameSpot, with all the new screenshots. We've added them to the Lego Indy images gallery too.

    Tingler Young Indiana Jones Vol 3 - Contents Revealed
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 7th February 2008 has given up the contents for the eagerly awaited DVD boxset of Young Indiana Jones Adventures Volume 3 - The Winds of Change, and just as predicted it's being released April 29th.

    And, we're sad to say, the package is a little underwhelming.

    Where are the present-day Old Indy segments starring George Hall? If the DVDs are being done chronologically, they should be here as they were cruelly ripped from the video editions.

    Where are the Making Of documentaries? Surely they could've had at least one on the otherwise-worthless Bonus Disc.

    Where is the feature on all the stories that were planned to appear after the show was cancelled, the incredibly cool sounding stories that linked Young Indiana Jones closer to the movies? Featuring Belloq, Abner Ravenwood, and (gasp) the Crystal Skull story that, after it was cut, inspired George Lucas to make it the theme of Indy IV?

    Where's the Indy IV preview or even the teaser trailer, like how the Revenge of the Sith teaser was on The Clone Wars DVD? The film comes out less than a month after this, guys!

    Where's the priceless artifacts, the gilded idols... the crowns of kings? And let's not forgetting that half of these episodes aren't exactly action-packed...

    All in all, you're paying $100 (the most expensive of the three by far) for seven episodes and hours and hours of historical documentaries. If they'd have included all the features above, I would've bought it. Now... I'll probably just watch Treasure of the Peacock's Eye and Masks of Evil on video again.

    Indy IV News The Crystal Skull Revealed!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 5th February 2008

    Movieweb has posted a picture of Indy IV's Crystal Skull (at least one of them), unfortunately with the word "Movieweb" stamped over it but beggars can't be choosers. It seems to be genuine as it looks very like the Teaser Poster's Skull.

    For your insolence, I shall now devour you! Um... can you pick me up so I can bite you?

    Looks very (ahem)alien doesn't it?

    Update: Movieweb was forced to take down the image. You can enjoy it here for now, until Lucasfilm notice us cowering in the corner of the Internet.

    Originally posted by Jason at the International House of Mojo on Tuesday, 5th February.

    Lego Indy News Lego Indiana Jones demo... sort of!
    Posted by The Tingler on Sunday 3rd February 2008

    Looking forward to playing as Lego Indiana Jones? Want to play him now, but haven't got Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga? Well then, I've got good news! have released a fun little demo featuring Lego Indy in several scenes from the movies! It's nothing like what the TT Games one will be like as it's a side-on flash game, but it's still fun nevertheless!

    Play it here now!

    Indy IV News Raiding the Lost Ark... again?
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 2nd February 2008

    Now this is just plain conjecture here from that wholly reliable source, MTV. Possible Spoiler Below.

    But whatever, it's still a new picture of Indy from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. And the speculation is that Indy's standing on some boxes from the warehouse seen at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. You can just about make out 'Top Secret - Do Not Open!' on the crate on Indy's left.

    Now is Spielberg referencing Raiders, just teasing us with a fan-baiting image... or is the Ark going to reappear?

    Also the other Empire photo of Cate Blanchett's Agent Spalko is now scanned in too.

    Indy IV News (Doug Lee voice) A bazooka! (and the Kingdom itself!)
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 30th January 2008

    The new issue of Empire Magazine will be out shortly in the UK, and they'll have a short new preview of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull along with a couple of new pictures.

    Check out a preview of the preview here! Doesn't Indy look uncomfortable with that rocket launcher? Considering he carried one on his back for a lot of Infernal Machine just six years previously. And tried to blow up the Ark (Ren?.

    Another pic will be of Cate Blanchett's Russian Agent Spalko. Producer Frank Marshall says John Williams is about to start recording and that tonally the film will be "closest to the third one (Last Crusade). It's all adults. I mean, you have the sidekick in Shia (LaBeouf), but you don't have a Short Round and I think the banter between the characters is as fun as it was in the third movie".

    In other Indy IV news, we actually have a picture of the titular Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Okay, it might be slightly different to how you're imagining it. Notice Agent Spalko and Shia LeBeouf above Indy. And what do those skeletons have on their heads? Is that a Conquistador's hat on one? Undead Spaniards in Indy IV! You heard it here first!

    Staff of Kings News Rumours of a Surfer: Indiana Jones 2008 may got troubles
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 29th January 2008

    You may be familiar with the internet rumor resource Surfer Girl. Well, since we haven't heard anything about LucasArts' Indiana Jones game (the non-LEGO one) since, oh, E3 2006, let's just for fun see what an unofficial source has to say on the matter. The following bits are taken from the site's frequent news entries:

    -Indiana Jones has "a brand new development team on board" and is "back on track." I now understand why someone who was working on the title was a bit nervous when I talked about it with them a few months back.

    -A2M is working on Indiana Jones for people who cannot stand to play consoles with the number three in the name--DS/Wii/PS2/PSP.

    -The current version of Indiana Jones has pretty much nothing in common with what was seen in the E3 06 trailer. The version where Indy is Ali rhythmic taps of the A button is no more and a signature, announced feature or two may have disappeared.
    -A2M's Indiana Jones title, which has had a far mroe stable development, follows same plot its big next-gen siblings, but in an alternate universe sort of way. Waggle-lovers shan't worry, Wii is the lead SKU for the title.

    "A new team?" "Back on track?" "Nervous" team member? Stripped features? Also, this is the first we've heard about the 3rd party ports to all the platforms that aren't 360 and PS3, but it's not surprising either considering it's in line with how The Force Unleashed is being handled. Anyway, you may find some more stuff over there while you keep waiting for LucasArts to say anything official about the game. Should give you plenty of time.

    Originally posted by Jason at the International House of Mojo on Tuesday, January 29th.

    Tingler Game Informer spills the bricks!
    Posted by The Tingler on Thursday 24th January 2008

    The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has a very nice four-page preview of Lego Indiana Jones, if you're one of the lucky two or three people who live in the United States ;) Unlike me or Gabez. :(

    The game will be available on a mind-blowing 7 platforms, which are: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS & PC.

    The Wii version will include similar functionality to Indy's cameo appearance in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, where a flick of the remote will swish Indy's whip. However, the DS version will also contain original mechanics/gimmicks (delete as applicable) such as being able to blow out candles by blowing in the microphone. Then get stared at on the bus.

    The game is currently due for a Jone June 2008 release, just after the new film that you might have heard is coming out too.

    Here are a few screenshots from the game, as shamelessly Belloqed originally posted by The first shows Nazi creep Toht, so presumably earlier reports that National Socialists will not be appearing in the game is untrue - I'm prepared to bet swastikas will be the only things not to make an appearance. Update: Now having read the article I'm pretty much correct - German soldiers will be in the game, but no Nazi paraphenalia. So, just no swastikas then.

    We ahh not thirztyToht, with a nice tie.

    Who is that? Short Round?Who's that? Is that Raiders?

    Alfred Molina looks great in LegoBelloq! With Satipo still alive?

    Update: Scans of the game are now available over at's forum, The Raven.

    Indy IV News Raiders of the Lost House!
    Posted by The Tingler on Sunday 20th January 2008

    A new featurette is up at the Official Indiana Jones site, where production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas (who also worked on Superman Returns, another "return to the 80s" film, and has a great name) takes us on a tour round Indy's new house, as originally seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark and coming again in the new film.

    Check it out here. If you're very eagle-eyed, you might notice some references to past Indy adventures, such as photos of Sallah, Willie Scott, and Gennadi Volodnikov Henry Jones Snr.

    And I almost had a heart-attack too, after I thought I'd uncovered a secret Indy IV teaser trailer on the site too. Clicking on one of the three flags at the bottom left of the videos page takes you to, but unfortunately that's just a teaser website with no information on it whatsoever. A bit of a tease, if you ask me.

    Tingler That infernal music!
    Posted by The Tingler on Saturday 19th January 2008

    Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine is unique in its music architecture, using neither the system of most of LucasArts' adventure output up until Grim Fandango (hackable using SCUMM Revisited) nor the easy-to-convert files of Escape From Monkey Island. In short, it's damn hard to get at the music from it, or any other files. Which is a pity, because I've had Clint Bajakian stirring Russian March in my head since I first played the damn thing.

    It's long been considered a holy grail of hacking, which has been found and lost before, but now it seems that crusade has come to an end at last!

    Zaarin of Soundtrack Island has shifted through the internet and found the tools needed to rip all the sound files (speech, effects and music) out of the chest of the game's .GOB files. Go here to get s-island's instructions and the programs needed. Don't worry, it's very easy to do. Enjoy!

    In other Indy news, the latest rumour is that the Indy IV trailer will debut on Valentine's Day. Let's hope so!

    Tingler Scoop? Moi?
    Posted by The Tingler on Wednesday 16th January 2008

    Is it possible that has uncovered a scoop? An Indy news piece that can't be found elsewhere? It's possible!

    Up until now, the release date for The Young Indiana Jones Adventures - Volume 3: The Years of Change has been a vague "Spring 2008", but now Amazon has the pre-order page up, and the release date is April 29th! This makes sense - just before the movie.

    Volume 3 will arguably be the best collection and the one you want to get if you want the volume that best compliments the movies. It contains such great stories as the only supernatural story Masks of Evil and the Young-Indiana-Jones-movie-in-all-but-name Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, which has Indy travelling over the world searching for a legendary artifact, while being pursued by rival collectors and - yes - Germans! It even has Adrian Edmondson reprise his German-villain role from BlackAdder Goes Forth! And there's Mystery of the Blues of course, which actually has Harrison Ford back as Indy!

    And you can bet there'll be a feature or two on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull too.

    And for fans like me in Europe, we'll be getting Volume 1 on February 25th and Volume 2 on March 24th, so hopefully we'll get Volume 3 not longer after the US.

    I'll have a Review up for Volume 2 - The War Years up just as soon as I've finished watching it. All 12 hours of it!!

    Tingler Wow! An article!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 15th January 2008

    Yes, second news post of the day! Must be a record. We have a new article! It's the Indiana Jones & The Emperor's Tomb review I mentioned in the post below, but now it's on this site too! Take a look!. And here's that poster I was talking about! Enjoy!

    Tingler Good news never travels that fast!
    Posted by The Tingler on Tuesday 15th January 2008

    Wow, a while since we had an update! Sorry about that folks. Since July a hell of a lot has happened since then, although amusingly not in the world of LucasArts! Yes, Indiana Jones 2008 is still untitled with no new additional info. So what is there to report?

    Well, the film for a start! Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is getting more and more coverage as we struggle towards that May 22th release date. The teaser poster by Drew Struzan is pretty darn cool. Shia LeBeouf's character still doesn't have a name, and I'll be surprised if the rumours about him being Indy and Marion's son don't prove true. Vanity Fair has a pretty nice in-depth preview with a load of pictures and interviews, including a video photoshoot and the first pic of Cate Blanchett as Communist villain Volodnikov Agent Spalko.

    And just so we're fully up-to-date, this photo was released TODAY. Pretty spooky temple there!

    Any other Indy news from the game world? Well, the Lego Indiana Jones trailer is out, and that's still looking cool. Lego Indy himself also made an early cameo appearance in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, and if you're playing the Wii version you can flick the Wii Remote to make Indy flick his whip! Swish!

    And finally, after a trip to China and the Emperor's Tomb, I re-reviewed Indiana Jones & The Emperor's Tomb for The International House of Mojo! Check it out here! I'm particularly proud of the poster. Yes, that is my own hat! Hopefully we'll have it up here as soon as I work out how to do it.

    More as it develops and we remember to newsify it!

    Gabez Lego Indiana Jones announced!
    Posted by Gabez on Saturday 28th July 2007

    LucasArts, in collaboration with Traveller's Tales, have announced a new Indiana Jones game: Lego Indy! If you've played Lego Star Wars, then expect more of the same (which in this case is definitely a good thing). LucasArts will publish, but the development work will be done by Traveller's Tales. LucasArts may choose to excercise influrence, but I'm sure they think that their lisence is in very safe hands.

    Check out the mini-site, with a trailer, here.

    Gabez Indy site updated
    Posted by Gabez on Wednesday 14th February 2007

    It's been a long time since an update, but the boys at LucasArts HQ are keeping pretty quiet about the new Indy game. Still, their web-site along with the Indy mini-site has been updated - so that's something at least. I bet that now more news will be launched on that site, so keep an eye out for that.

    Check it out!

    Also, if you're in the Pittsburgh area, Heinz Hall are doing a concert of the music of John Williams, and they're playing the Radier's theme, as well as lots of stuff from Star Wars. I'll review it here, providing I don't forget to go!!1

    Gabez More glimpses of footage
    Posted by Gabez on Friday 9th September 2006

    LucasArts aren't exactly giving us a fountain of information about the new Indy game, but if you're gasping for new stuff, then I believe that there is a little bit of extra footage shown in the video from the LEC Jobs page. Go and take a peek!

    Gabez New Indy game officially... revealed!
    Posted by Gabez on Wednesday 10th May

    Go check out where there’s screenshots of the new Indy game, plus a trailer and more game info! w00t.

    The game looks like it could be a lot of fun. Euphora, or whatever it’s called, is certainly put to good use, and does look realistic, if a little bit too sluggish. Oh well. We’ll just have to wait and see. It was nice to see Fate of Atlantis in the trailer, though.

    Oh, and a release date has also been given: summer 2007. Mark it in your calendar, folks.

    Gabez Indy 2007 game announced
    Posted by Gabez on Tuesday 9th May | Source: Mixnmojo

    E3 starts tomorrow, but LucasArts have already given out a fancy press release about the new Indy game. It sounds pretty nifty.

    We'll have more news as it happens. For now, check out the new facts page.

    Gabez Next Indiana Jones game to be "realistic"
    Posted by Gabez on Wednesday 23rd April | Source: Mixnmojo

    I'll be honest - I haven't actually read this article because, quite simply, it bores me to tears. I'm not really bothered if there's super high res next gen fancy la-dee-da fighting going on in the next Indy outing, but at least LucasArts seem to be putting some thought behind what they're doing. Hopefully they'll put the same amount of effort in the games' atmosphere and gameplay.

    The good news is that it's e3 soon and LucasArts are bound to reveal the next Indy game then, whether it has realistic physics or not.

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