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arrow Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

This ambitious fan project is a half-sequel to Fate of Atlantis, continuing with the same style of puzzles and graphics, but starting a completely original story. The team have been working for a long time on this game, and there is a very impressive demo for people to download. Visit the official web-site for more information.

[UPDATE]The team have updated their demo and released a mini-adventure called Temple of the Spheres. A new one is planned for early 2011 called Valley of the Kings, with more updates planned in the year - can a release be far off? Let's hope!


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Dr Schneider

arrow Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 2

This game would be really great if it ever saw the light of day. Unfortunately for us Indy fans, Fate of Atlantis 2 is sure taking it’s pretty time getting to our computers. Work is being done, but it’s just taking a long time because of, uh... technical stuff. I don’t really understand it, but as soon as something gets released then we’ll tell you about it here. In the mean-time you can go look at the stuff on the official web-site and “aaah” over it.

FOA 2! FOA 2!!! FOA 2! FOA 2!!!

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Marion Ravenwood

arrow Indiana Jones and the Crown of Solomon

A sequel to Last Crusade rather than Fate of Atlantis (complete with pre-90s blocky graphics), they claim to be nearly finished but as it's all gone a bit quiet on their forum we'll take that with a pinch of salt. The website shows a very poor degree of English, as does this rolling demo, but hopefully this will be cleaned up later. There is a full demo available too, although Tingler couldn't even get past the first screen.


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Sophia Hapgood (3D)

arrow Indiana Jones and the Revenge of the Ancients

A graphic adventure based on the first ever original Indiana Jones text adventure of the same name, Oldstyle Games has cut a few corners and used modified versions of existing graphics and art to get the production running more quickly. While that does make it the least original game on this list, it does make it the one most likely to actually get finished! Plus it's a proper graphic version of the Indy story most people have not been likely to see (not just because the original's incredibly unfairly hard) with the insta-death moments toned down, so it's definitely one we'll be keeping an eye on.


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Sophia Hapgood (2D)

arrow Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold

A brand new story underway at Binary Legends, this adventure will have Indy on a global search for the mysterious Seven Cities of Gold (aaahaaa aaahaaahaaa searching for the ciiiiitiiiiies of goooold). Visiting such countries as Spain, France, Jerusalem, England, and Africa with a race against the Nazis in 1940, this project began in April 2009 and is making great strides towards completion. The art alone is excellent and has me excited. Let's just hope that the ground doesn't fall out from under their feet! [UPDATE] At the end of 2010 the team released their first demo.

SCOG! SCOG!!! SCOG! SCOG!!! (best abbreviation yet I think)

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